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     Alexis Ann Kern   
  Attorney and Counselor at Law 
Deciding to divorce is difficult; yet, sometimes it's in everyone's best interest for a marriage to end.  When the divorce is not your idea, it's especially hard.  Choosing the right lawyer will ease the stress brought on by the need to make this tough choice, or the need to respond when the choice is someone else's.
Legal Services We Provide...with Care.....
Our growing legal practice is focused on, but not limited to, the following areas:
How do you choose the right lawyer?
  • Choose a lawyer who listens to your personal story with compassion and attention to detail.
  • Choose a lawyer who presents your legal options clearly, concisely, and in words you can understand.
  • Choose a lawyer who gives advice and counsel beyond the legal world--who cares about your needs and goals as a whole person, and not just as a case.
Child Advocacy
As recent research of the brain establishes, the minds of children don't develop sound judgment until they reach their early 20s.  This can result in poor decision-making with lifelong consequences, and may also create easy victims of harm, manipulation, or unjust treatment.  Choosing the right lawyer will help you achieve the best outcome for the child of your heart.
Employment Discrimination, 
Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense
.....because sometimes bad things happen to grown-ups, too.  Whether you are being harassed at work, have suffered physical or emotional injury at the hands of another, or have been accused of committing a crime, you need an advocate whose main focus is YOU.  Choosing the right lawyer will help to restore your peace of mind and help you heal.
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